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Brand of Blades

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I was not very much aware of the importance of blades before the construction of my own home. Blades are used for utility purposes including cutting woods, glasses, concrete and ceramics materials. Another thing that I came to know at that time was there are different qualities of blades which are used to cut different sort of materials.

A friend of mine has suggested me to hire the services of such company which in not have great experience but also has good quality material. I then began to search such firm which is providing a wide selection of saw blades and have many varieties of blades in stock including diamond blade, replacement circular saw blades, carbide blades, tile wet blade, or diamond carbide. However we need to go to the one of the best provider because the use of such products in our construction process is very sensitive as very costly materials are involved in it.

There are number of qualities of blades. Normally, saw blades are made from many different materials. The material circular saw blades are manufactured from will determine the life and performance of the blade. A steel Blade is inexpensive and best for cutting softwood. However, high Speed Steel blade will stay sharper longer and harder than steel. Whereas diamond saw blade has diamond tipped teeth for cutting glass, concrete and ceramic material.

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Economic and Business Updates From March 22 to 28, 2010

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Tips and Tricks

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Sports are one of the best pleasures. These are not only a very healthy activity but also create team spirit and promote so many other traits among players and even fans. Given the advantages most people are fond of sports, players and look forward to seeing their favorite stars in action. Most people like sports just to spend their leisure time to support their favorite team or star. However these days, people love to see sport just for the purpose of betting.

Personally I know many friends of mine who are very keen on the sport betting and follow football, hockey, basket ball, cricket and other sports just for this purpose and they want to see their team at apex and winning stage to make money. Some people do this in their spare time or some people have spent most of their time in it. Before the emergence of internet facility people have to rely over their agent who actually involved in sports betting at the cost of their money. Some get advantage out of it and some did not even. However due to technological advancement it is quite easy to transact online. Having considering this facility there must be some one to whom you can rely upon that the services they are providing in the name of sports bets are genuine and having worth.

There are number of sites which have commenced to endorse betting, however I personally found sports betting very nice among all which provide not only complete information about sport betting but also support people to get professional guidance about the sports betting spot and gives latest news in online betting and stats of the teams, odds to pick it out and they also help with tips and trick to win the betting. Have a look at the aptly laid out site and see what they are offering and how.

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Some Principles to Reduce Complexity in Annual Returns

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There are eight principles for reducing complexity in the annual reports of the companies which are as per following;

Regulations Should Be:

  1. Targeted -  to provide relevant information that meets important user needs.
  2. Proportionate - limiting constant change in regulation by intervening only when an area is high risk and change will bring obvious benefit.
  3. Coordinated - regulators should understand what other regulators are doing in a particular area
  4. Clear - regulations should be simple and user friendly
Communication in Reporting Should Be:
  1. Focused- important messages, transactions and policies should be highlighted
  2. Open and honest - reporting should give a balanced explanation of results
  3. Clear and understandable - reporting should use plain language
  4. Interesting and engaging - reporting should get the point across and hold the reader's attention.


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Share Holding In Banking Company

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It has been decided by the State Bank of Pakistan vide BPRD Circular no.04 of 2010 that every 

  1. Chairman, 
  2. Managing Director or 
  3. Chief Executive Officer (by whatever name called)

of a banking company shall furnish to the State Bank of Pakistan through the banking company returns on yearly basis containing full particulars of the extent and value of his holding of shares, whether directly or indirectly, in the banking company and of any change in the extent of such holding or any variation in the rights within 15 days of the close of each calendar year.

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I Can See the World

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Most of the people recognize Zenni as  The #1 online Rx glasses store and one of the best suppliers of prescription eyeglasses the world over. Their prices as low as $8, the ever increasing and huge collection of stylish frames, and their mention on popular consumers’ program of television channels makes them stand out in the industry.

Zenni has been using the latest modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems to bring their products direct from our factories to consumers; no middlemen, no retail overhead, and practically no advertising budget. That is what makes their identity. Zenni eyeglasses are a personal fashion and style item. More importantly, Zenni feel prescription eyeglasses are a health item necessity for most wearers, and to that end they take pride in being able to bring to all a very high quality product of great durability, safety and comfort at truly reasonable and affordable prices.

I can tell by own experience that people use different frames for different occasions. Zenni not only offers frames for almost every occasion but also lowest price progressive glasses . Have a look at Eric's Review of Zenni Optical and find that cheap glasses are a reality. They would provide glasses of your own choice in couple of days at very affordable rates.

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Ecuador: Outlook

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Rating outlook
Stable Banking sector risk is likely to remain within the CCC band following the upgrade in December 2009. Although global conditions are improving, the local recovery will be mild, at best, and commercial banks will remain vulnerable to government intervention. The government's attempts to regulate banking charges, cap interest rates and tap liquidity for its funding needs in the system will continue to hurt bank profitability, and the rapid expansion of credit by public banks will lead to market distortions in the medium term, including crowding out of credit to the private sector. Also, the quality of the loan portfolio is set to remain weak as unemployment remains high and key industries in the private sector experience continued contractions.

Positive factors
Negative factors

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Hermit Crab Lovers

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Hermit Crabs mites is a natural occurrence with pet hermit crabs, but unfortunately requires proper care to prevent a harmful situation to your pet hermit crab. In a natural state, hermit crabs mites form a symbiotic relationship with their hermit crab host. Hermit crabs mites in nature can be a concern because the hermit crab doesn’t have the chance to bathe. Your hermit crab can lose appendages from the disease if not treated properly and quickly.

Normally we are required to take the some precautions to properly clean the cage or terrarium in the event of hermit crabs mites including removal of all the infected substrate, and then rinse the aquarium out with plenty of water and for larger aquariums use saturated or wet paper towels. Be sure you apply pressure as you clean the tank sides and bottom to kill any remaining mites in the tank. Further we need to pay special attention to the tank corners, as this is a favorite spot for the little mites to hide as you clean the tank.

Further some times there are some precautions to properly sterilize your hermit crab’s cage to prevent future health or hermit crabs mites issues including to purchase brand new and clean substrate for your hermit crab cage or repeat as necessary to ensure proper sterilization and to prevent future issue with mites.

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FBR is Going to Close Down PACCs

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In view of findings of the system audit report of leading chartered accountant firm The Federal Board of Revenue has principally decided to close down Pakistan Customs Computerised System (PACCs). The report observed that the system is ineffective with deficiencies.

Whereas the representative of Agility in Pakistan has denied any knowledge of the decision by the Finance Minister and observed that the information about the company provided by the audit firm and FBR is not correct. He said Agility was a strong, robust and financially strong company which was actively being traded at the Kuwait Stock Exchange, in fact even on March 2, 2010, over 4.3 million shares of this company were traded at the Kuwait Stock exchange at 660 Kuwaiti dinar each.

He expressed strong reservations at the unilateral decision saying no copies of the audit report or the executive summary were ever provided to the company. The company reserves the right to take any appropriate action after studying the system audit report, when provided to them.


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I Found My Eye Glasses

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I friend of mine gave me a beautiful pair of sun glasses at my eleventh birthday. At that time I was not expecting that I would have to put on eye glasses for my whole life. Last month I was looking to change my old eyeglasses because I was sick of it and did not want to use that eye glasses and wanted to buy something modern and something that can wear at every where. Actually, I have a prescribed eyeglasses for reading and computer works that I purchased three years ago but now these are no longer works for me. My friends also told me to get a new one but advised to use it daily to avoid further damage to my eyes.

My elder brother advised me to search eye glasses of your own choice at Internet as some time you find something cheaper and better than any proper store. I was not of his opinion that we can buy cheaper and better eye glasses at internet, however I started searching different web sites which are providing such facilities to buy eye glasses or your own choices at cheaper rates. As I was interested to find something modern and cheap, therefore I found Zenni Optical, a site specializing in selling eye glasses.

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Economic and Business Updates - February 22 to 28, 2010

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