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I have been using article directories since I started working on computers; and that was some decades ago. That is why I can say by experiences that a good general article directory can do wonders for any webmaster and or blog master. Writers can’t go long without submitting their work at different directories. Those who realize this early can go a long way in their online pursuits. Directories help to get you the widest possible number of visitors and expand your name and or brand.

If you have ability to write articles and want to make it popular in the world of internet then you are required to submit your articles at such place that can really help you out to build the reputation of your name, increase back links, drive traffic to their site or blog and readers can browse through all the listed quality content for their joy of reading.

People all around the globe use some directories every day as a means of finding free content that they can include on their own site. It would be really great if the content is free to use providing the links are retained to the source page on such directory and providing the author has selected their articles to be free to republish.

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Blog Marketing

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By SAJ Shirazi

A strong online presence is important for businesses in today's high-speed and competitive world. Blogs have already become a new are a new buzz marketing. Marketers are iblogging for organizations, products, ideas and or for other organizational goals and achieving.

That has not started happening in Pakistan yet. An overwhelming majority of local consumers who do not (or cannot) use the Internet and even marketing professionals still ask what is Blog?

To understand blogging as a corporate communications tool, we must understand the nature of blogs . Here is a short definition, "Blogs - an abbreviation of 'weblogs' - are published on the web, typically as microsites standing by themselves but today also as parts of traditional web sites. They reflect the interests, thoughts and opinions of the person, sometimes persons, publishing the blog. Blogs are characterized by frequent updates, an informal tone and many links to other blogs and web sites."

A business blog is a blog published by or with the support of an organization to reach that organization's goals. In external communications the potential benefits include strengthened relationships with important target groups and the positioning of the publishing organization as industry experts. Internally blogs are generally referred to as tools for collaboration and knowledgemanagement.

Blogs can drive visitors to existing web site and help find new customers and engage the ones organizations already have. Blogs are prevailing and cost-effective marketing tools. As far as businesses is concerned, there are clients and potential clients. A blog will create a dialogue between the business, present client base, and potential buyers. Communication has never been easier and user friendly.

Once an organization has a blog, it offers immediate and high impact interaction with its target audience. As more people have online access, they'll want more than the standard online newsletter or typical PR response (we are so averse to existing PR stereotypes). Long gone are the days when companies simply fed information to their customers. Now everyone asks for a dialogue - a meaningful exchange of information. People also want to know that organizations are listening to them and paying heeds to what is being suggested, and blogs allow just that -- responding quickly and openly.

From a business point of view there are several potential reasons to blog particularly in less connected country like Pakistan. But, as always, it depends on what businesses want. Blogs are no different from channels like video, print, audio, presentations and even word of mouth marketing. They all deliver results - but of varying kind. The kind you can expect from blogs is mainly about stronger relations with important target groups.

Who should blog for the businesses? Ideally, front line people who know the business in and out should blog about it. Marketing professionals can also use this powerful tool. Organization can hire professional writers to blog for them under company's name or blog under their own. Depending upon the feedback and information provided by audience, an inside blogger can develop the ability to write in his or her own voice and create content for business blog. Outsider bloggers can view business with an objective eye and offer fresh marketing ideas and strategies.

Outsider blogger can study company's marketing materials, reports, other collateral information, and meet key people in organization to learn about what organization does and how best to market the product through blogging.

In developed world, blogging is being taught in most business school as a part of business studies and or part of mass communication courses.

Bloggers can post material written in editorial style and voice, updating at least once a day, three-to-five days a week. The content may also include company news, events, and information about new products and services relevant to your business.

Earlier, online marketing and web sites never picked up in Pakistan because of obvious "digital divide that exists due to individual disparities in levels of income, education standards, psychological reasons, age, gender, rural urban divide, and quality of life or collective deprivations like lack of physical infrastructure."

Pakistan corporate world should look at blogging as an opportunity to reach out but sadly, this has still not started to happen.

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I Found My Music

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Buying a music record is an important step. It has to be an informed decision even it is not a big investment, more so when you need to buy your favorite music album and record. How should you go about so that you can save you a lot of money and at the same time have a great music to listen? With growing Internet users’ base, trend to see more, compare prices and find the best possible deals online before shopping is increasing exponentially. Millions if consumers across the world start their shopping and music search at the Internet.

A friend of mine has asked for search engines where he can find his favorite songs. I hope to be able to show him that he will get slightly different results depending on which one of these – all excellent – search engines he selects. These days searching MP3 songs over internet has been easier with the help of search engine. These mp3 search engine functionality provides similar search result like Google or Yahoo but the only differences of is mp3 search engine is giving you all URL and detail mp3 files URL over internet server. Plus more, all this search engine doesn’t hosted mp3 files on their server, which they only crawl mp3 files url and information only.

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Why Pakistani Finance Minister is Going to Resign?

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Tarin was appointed the prime minister's top adviser on economic affairs in October 2008 and later sworn in as finance minister. In March 2008, a consortium comprising the International Finance Corporation, Bank Muscat, Nomura and Sinthos Capital, led by Tarin and another Pakistani banker, Sadeq Saeed, bought an 86.55 percent stake in Silk Bank for about $213 million.

"New investors in his Silk Bank had set preconditions that they will invest billions in the bank provided a seasoned banker like Tarin pays full-time attention,".

Tarin's resignation is not expected to destabilise the government but international donors will be keen to see a respected minister appointed in his place.Tarin had suggested three candidates to replace him as following.

  1. Former cental bank governor Ishrat Husain,
  2. Senior economist Hafiz Pasha and
  3. Chief executive of Arif Habib Investment Ltd, Nasim Beg.

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Direct TV in My Town

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Advancement in technology has played a very vital role in our modern age. People love to watch TV at homes and see their favorite movies, sports, local and international News. There are number of modes used to provide TV Channel services. Cables were very popular among most of them. However, after the introduction of Direct TV, cables stayed far away. It is not because of the service that DirectTV provides but also less cost charged than cable.

I was looking for Direct TV supplier in my town some days ago. A friend of mine has suggested me to contact one of best Directtv providers in our town as he is also getting their services for many months and very much satisfied because they are not only bring all of the great national programming, but our local television channels may be available. Services include the equivalent of many local television stations, broadcast television networks, subscription television services, satellite radio services, and private video services. Subscribers have access to dozens or hundreds of channels, so its competitors are cable television service and other satellite-based services.

Direct TV gives almost 100% signal reliability, provides number of good channels especially of sports. They have better value than cables and getting customer satisfaction more and more. These are the reasons why millions of families have switched from cable to Directv.

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Which Countries Have The Biggest Problems?

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Markets have suddenly woken up to the idea that not all government debt is risk-free. There is a long and not very honourable history of sovereign default, either explicitly or implicitly via inflation and currency depreciation.
So which countries are in the biggest trouble? The ability of a government to honour its debt depends on a number of factors, in particular the size of the debt burden relative to GDP, the interest rate paid on that debt relative to the economy's growth rate and the size of the government's primary budget balance--the surplus, or deficit, before interest costs.
If the interest rate paid on public debt is higher than the economy's growth rate, the stock of government debt will rise as a share of GDP unless governments run a primary budget surplus. The bigger the stock of debt, the bigger that surplus needs to be. This arithmetic suggests that countries with big primary deficits, big debt stocks and a big gap between interest rates and growth are most vulnerable.
This can be a self-fulfilling process. Investors will worry about governments' ability to service their debt and will push up yields, making debt servicing even harder. The shorter the maturity of the debt, the quicker this problem will arise. And if the debt is denominated in a foreign currency or held largely by foreign creditors, then a debt crisis can be compounded by a currency crisis.

Japan looks worrying on many measures, for example, but has long been able to fund itself by issuing government debt to domestic investors. America's debt remains the sanctuary of choice when risk aversion rises. Some, like Ireland, have already taken tough decisions to get their finances under control. But as Greece and others are finding out, they will all face severe pressure from the markets to bring their deficits under control. And that may cause a political as well as a fiscal crisis.


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Are We All Thinking On The Same Way?

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Web Hosting Geeks

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A smaller segment in the shared hosting industry with focus on supporting more and newer technologies is best known as geek hosting. I don't like to put the term geek on every webmaster/developer who might purchase this type of hosting but it seems to be the most common term for this small part of the hosting market.

A web hosting service including ecommerce hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allows all males and females and corporate organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. You would found a number of Web hosts companies that provide space on a server they own for use by their clients as well as providing internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Some time every body realizes the fact that different people need different solutions and we provide solutions that will cater for your every need. Whether you are an individual and need a simple personal web site or represent an enterprise with that requires a complicated hosting solution.

E-commerce hosting and corporate business hosting helps every one to get high performance availability along with backup email servers and state of art spam and virus filtering. If you are new, keep in mind that hosting companies do not usually give support for third party software.

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Pakistani Foreign Investment Falls 34.40%

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Net foreign investment in Pakistan fell 34.4 percent to $1.47 billion in the first seven months of the 2009/10 fiscal year compared with $2.23 billion in the same period last year, the central bank said on Monday. Out of total foreign investment, foreign direct investment fell 54.6 percent to $1.17 billion in the July to January period, from $2.59 billion the previous year, the State Bank of Pakistan said.

But foreign portfolio investment flows reversed, with a $290.7 million inflow in the first seven months of this fiscal year compared with an outflow of $355.8 million in the same period of the last fiscal year. Authorities imposed a floor on the Karachi Stock Exchange benchmark index in August 2008 as political uncertainty and economic and security worries drained investor confidence.

The floor discouraged new investment and also led to a sharp outflow of funds, as foreign investors sold holdings in off-market trade. The floor was removed in December 2008. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) saved Pakistan from a balance of payments crisis with a $7.6 billion emergency loan package in November 2008. The loan was increased to $11.3 billion on July 31 last year. Worry over a Taliban insurgency based in the country's northwest and chronic power shortages have also put off investors.

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Photography Logos

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Logo is a term used to refer to a graphic mark or emblem commonly employed by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos like photography logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or word mark). The current era of logo design began in the 1950s. As would happen with many subsequent corporate logos, mass media advertising was used to link the logo with the bank in the public mind, while its simple, distinctive form, free of specific cultural or other connotations, was well suited to represent a complex, multinational corporation.

Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. The logo is the image embodying an organization. Because logos are meant to represent companies' brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition, it is counterproductive to frequently redesign logos. Color is considered important to brand recognition, but it should not be an integral component to the logo design, which could conflict with its functionality. Some colors are formed / associated with certain emotions that the designer wants to convey. For instance loud primary colors, such as red, are meant to attract the attention of drivers on highways are appropriate for companies that require such attention.

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Know Your Customer - State Bank Advice

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The State Bank advised banks on Saturday to prevent money transfers through ‘Benami Accounts’ and remain extra vigilant about Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements of the central bank.

This advice was given at a compliance forum arranged by the SBP in collaboration with the Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU) in Karachi on Saturday.

The meeting was part of the consultative approach being followed by the SBP to help build capacity of banks in their compliance framework.

Syed Irfan Ali, Director Banking Policy and Regulation Department, State Bank, briefed the participants about various steps taken by the central bank with regard to strengthening the regulations to curb money laundering and illegal transfer of funds.State Bank’s representatives provided detailed guidelines and clarifications to commercial banks for proper implementation of regulatory requirements.

Representatives of banks gave their suggestions to improve systems and procedures in this regard.

The meeting was attended, among others, by senior executives from the banking industry besides senior officials of the State Bank.

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AC Compressors

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Central heating and air units can provide a comfortable environment for your home and cares when properly maintained. In cars, central A/C units provide cool air flow, directly from the source. This is why over 80% of new cars built in the United States are equipped with a central A/C unit. In the cars these central air conditioners, or HVACs, provide a better environment). Studies show that people are more alert and more productive when in a comfortable environment. This is doubly true for temperature. People have been observed to be the most productive at 72°-74°.

You need to maintain your Toyota air conditioning system in a perfect working condition to enjoy the most comfortable driving experience on a hot humid day. The air conditioning system of your Toyota has got important components like compressor, condenser, clutch, evaporator and so on. Your Toyota A/C compressor plays a very important function of controlling the flow of refrigerant throughout the system. The Toyota A/C compressor draws the refrigerant from the evaporator in low pressure side, compresses and pumps at high pressure to the condenser. The toyota ac compressor is a mechanical pump driven by compressor pulley. The pulley is engaged and disengaged to the engine by the electromagnetic clutch. It is the joint effort of all the three parts to help you experience the trouble-free driving experience.

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Fortune 500

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The Fortune 500 is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine that ranks the top 500 U.S. closely held and public corporations as ranked by their gross revenue after adjustments made by Fortune to exclude the impact of excise taxes companies collect.The list includes publicly and privately-held companies for which revenues are publicly available. The first Fortune 500 list was published in 1955.

This is the top 10 as published in July 2009. It is based on the companies' fiscal year ended on or before 31 March 2009.
Royal Dutch Shell NetherlandsOil
ExxonMobil Corporation United StatesOil
Wal Mart United StatesRetail
BP United KingdomOil
Chevron Corporation United StatesOil
Total S.A. FranceOil
ConocoPhillips United StatesOil
ING Group NetherlandsBanking
Sinopec ChinaOil
Toyota Motor JapanAutomobiles
The top ten includes seven oil companies, one automobile manufacturer, one retailer, and one banking corporation.

2009 breakdown by country

This is a ranking of the top 10 countries with the most Global 500 companies.
Rank  ↓Country  ↓Companies  ↓
1 United States140
2 Japan68
3 France40
4 Germany39
5 China37
6 United Kingdom26
7 Switzerland15
8 Canada14
8 South Korea14
10 Netherlands12
10 Spain12

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Duplicate File Finder

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One of the irritating stuff are getting stuck with a collection of some duplicate stuff in our computer. We try to eliminate them but it’s also a very difficult task to locate them. Duplicate files hold a lot of free memory that will cause a lack in memory. The way is to find good software that locates the presences of duplicate files. Duplicates files are not only those files with same file name but also there are duplicates files with different file type but with same content.

Duplicate mp3 files, duplicate program, images in different name and many more are available in your computer. Find duplicate file finder software now free through online that will give proper solution to the presences of duplicates. Using them is very simply, you can select a filter that will search the file according to the size or file type just as you want and then have your duplicates removed more successfully. With instant access you could download the software online and have it installed in your computer. Don’t keep your computer crowded with lots of files that would make your computer be slower. If you want your computer to be much efficient then remove unwanted files then and there.

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Nine Point Plant - Shaukat Tarin

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Cognizant of the limitations of the growth strategy followed in the past, which has invariably produced boom-bust cycles, and has invariably been followed at various intervals by a balance of payments crisis, the present government is embarking on a fundamental change of the development paradigm.

The new growth strategy is embodied in the government's "Nine-Point" plan, which seeks to foster sustainable and more equitable growth by means of structural improvements in the productive sectors of Pakistan's economy. The nine areas that have been identified for serious and sustained policy intervention include:

1) Macroeconomic stabilisation
2) Social Protection
3) Agriculture
4) Energy
5) Improving industrial competitiveness
6) Infrastructure development through innovative use of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models
7) Increasing the depth of Capital Markets
8) Human Capital
9) Administrative and Governance reform

While we have embarked on our journey of fundamental reform in the economy in extremely challenging circumstances - with the largest deployment of our armed forces in active combat within Pakistan's borders since 2008; the largest populations of internally displaced people (IDPs) in the world; and the severest economic conditions of the global economy since the Great Depression of the 1930s - we have already met some initial successes.

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SBP Allows 100 Percent Advance Payment Against LCs

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Refer to FE Circular No. 3 dated 29th April, 2008 and FE Circular No. 08 dated 8th July, 2008 in terms of which State Bank restricted advance payments against imports.
It has now been decided by State Bank of Pakistan vide F.E Circular No 1 issued on January 30, 2010 to allow advance payments against letters of credit upto 100% of the FOB or CFR value of the imported goods subject to the following terms and conditions:


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