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Dignosco: The Next Step to College Counselling

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Ask any student enrolled in the tertiary levels of school or college, and the absence of counseling services will be an oft-cited problem. Confused career choices, dissatisfied youngsters in seemingly perfect jobs and oodles of disappointment is what ensues.

In a scenario such as this, counseling services for students, professionals and institutions initiated by Dignosco - a social enterprise that targets sustainable human capital development through counseling, training and consultancy - are a welcome step. Applying to colleges abroad can be a very tedious process. From the extensive paperwork and the associated costs to the tremendous time taken in compiling and reviewing and re-reviewing an application, the mere application phase can beat the energy out of anyone.

And if one is also vying for a scholarship, the amount of work nearly quadruples as even the minutes of details have to be carefully scrutinized. Yet, despite taking all the requisite steps, a student may not succeed in even securing a place at a desired school, let alone a scholarship, because of the lack of awareness regarding the strategies required for writing essays, interview preparations, taking required exams such as the GRE, getting recommendations, etc.

"Often, applicants are not aware of the opportunities available to them because of a lack of awareness," said Sadia Khan, Director at Dignosco Ltd. Given such predicaments, Dignoscos well-qualified team of counsellors has literally been there and done that.

The team members have themselves attended distinguished universities such as Oxford, Yale, University College London (UCL) and National University of Singapore (NUS), and have been assisting individuals and institutions with various college applications. Staying abreast with admission trends and statistics is key, and the Dignosco team has been working along precisely those lines to help applicants organise and align their college applications as per their needs and skill sets.

"Our services are very customised and particularly make a difference for applicants who otherwise may have weak profiles. We work on every applicants individual profiles and put together a strategy report for each one of them. Our success rate of nearly 92 percent acceptances out of all applications vouches for our work," said Abrar Rahman, Founder and Director of Dignosco.

Though the enterprise does charge a fee for offering their services, they also work on cases which are worthy of being considered but cannot afford to pay. Besides helping with college applications, Dignoscos scope of work also involves arranging funding for clients who cannot self-finance their studies.

This includes counseling for prominent scholarships such as the Fulbright of the US and Erasmus Mundus of the European Commission, as well as for individual financial aid packages of various universities. Mazdak Luni, a student at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, is a phenomenal instance of a student benefiting from Dignoscos services.

Starting his educational pursuit from a village in Sibi, he bagged a scholarship at LUMS through the schools National Outreach Programme, joined Habib Banks investment banking team and later Byco as an investment associate.

Eventually, with the assistance of Dignosco, he applied and successfully received scholarships from UC Berkeley where he currently studies, and Fullbright. "Dignosco...looked at (my experiences) from different perspectives to help me evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and highlight (those) which I might not have focused on otherwise.

Compared to my class fellows at Haas, I had much fewer resources available to help me through the process and Dignosco helped me overcome that disadvantage," said Luni. Other protégées of Dignosco have went on and secured scholarships and places in renowned schools such as the INSEAD, Oxford and London Business School highlighting the achievements of this counseling service. Given the dearth of good college counseling services offered in Pakistan, one hopes Dignosco will help set stage for other such services in the country to help aspiring students achieve their dreams.

Source: Business Recorder

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ECB Held its Main Interest Rate at 1.0 Percent

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The European Central Bank held its main interest rate at 1.0 percent on Wednesday as persistently high inflation offset pressure to respond to the euro zone's shaky economic recovery.

The ECB also said the interest rate on its deposit facility would remain at 0.25 percent, and the rate on the marginal lending facility would stay at 1.75 percent. ECB President Mario Draghi will explain the Governing Council's decision at a 8.30 a.m. EDT (1230 GMT) news conference. Markets are looking for hints on how long the ECB is planning to keep its wait-and-see stance on interest rates.

They also expect Draghi to be grilled on whether the central bank has started discussing exiting from its non-standard measures, which include pushing a 1-trillion-euro wall of cash into money markets in 3-year loans.

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Sports Betting Online

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Everybody loves sports and most of us have some instinct to predict the result of the game as well. Sometimes they do it right or sometime their guess might be wrong. However, those who want to engage in the process of predicting the result of a game, event or match by wagering on the outcome of the contest want to place a bet at right sports betting place. To address the answer of this question being a real sports fan who can easily predict that what is going to happen in any professional game and in so many college games as well we are looking for towards right direction of the sports betting world.

There are number of places emerged in the market which are rendering services related to bookmaking operations especially during last ten years. However, these all are providing services outside the United States of America and this thing was possible due to abrupt growth of internet which helps people to flourish sport betting industry. However, these days there are hundreds of online sports books. Many of those are very reliable and trustworthy, however there are some shady sports books and as a new sports gambler you must learn to avoid those before depositing your hard-earned money into their betting accounts. Therefore, out of the box you would find one of the best which can monitor all of the sports books out there and after all the research is done at the end of the day only the best online sports books are recommended to you.

I personally like bets calculator which can help us to calculate our potential winnings before placing our bet. Visit the neatly laid out site and try their easy-to-use "Bets Calculator"…simply choose your sport, current game, type of play and let them calculate how much profit you could make with different online sports books.

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