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Under Florida law, a consumer who has bought a home that contains toxic Chinese drywall has the right to bring a claim and/or lawsuit based on various legal theories against any company that manufactured, distributed, supplied and or used toxic drywall. This includes the builder of the home who used toxic drywall Chinese during the construction process.

Some of the various legal theories that can used to fight on behalf of homeowners include:

Basically, the homeowner must prove that the toxic drywall has caused a defective condition within the home. To prove that the drywall has created a defective condition, the law firm of Roberts & Durkee utilizes the services of respected toxicologists to test the home utilizing industry accepted standards and guidelines. These tests have revealed abnormal and unhealthy levels of various chemicals that are being emitted from the drywall. Also, our firm documents the various problems that this toxic product causes within the home. For example, air conditioning coils failing, copper ground wires turning black, appliances failing, lights failing, computers failing, etc.

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The High-Intensity Entrepreneur

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Article titled “The High-Intensity Entrepreneur” by Anne S. Habiby and Deirdre M. Coyle, Jr. has appeared in Harvard Business Review and is creating waves in academic and industrial circles. The article presents the case of entrepreneurship in the developing world and the important role it is playing in moving the sluggish economies of the countries forward. The inspirational stories on entrepreneurship are not only coming from Silicon Valley, Cambridge Research Parks and other traditional seats where knowledge is being generated, but also coming from Beirut, Saudi Arabia and yes from Pakistan too. The article motions Pakistan’s Air Blue success story.

There are so many other successful entrepreneurship examples in Pakistan. We only have to look around. In these times of dooms and gloom, our economists and writers can identify the best growth companies and given them a little visibility. That will help education and industry in Pakistan. And we will have something to look forward to.

I suggest you read The High-Intensity Entrepreneur (subscription required) and see what is the central idea and how we can use it in our own settings.

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Zenni at Its Best

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People might have already seen some positive reports about Zenni - an online store for prescription eyeglasses on TV, or heard about them on the radio. Check out Zenni's New Site! where users can choose from a wide range of prescription eyeglasses including stylish new frames.

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 If you are using eyeglasses, you should start at Zenni Optical as Zenni now has the best tryon: Frame Fit. Go to the the neatly laid out and users’ friendly site and see what they are offering and how. Better still; try them. They are the best. 

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World Financing: Rollover Roulette

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How governments borrow matters as well as how much.

WHEN financial turmoil threatened to engulf Ireland last month, the government took an unusual step: it scrapped bond auctions for the rest of the year. The move was possible because the country has enough cash to last until next May.

Over the past two years Ireland's National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA), which manages the state's debt, has maintained a cash cushion of €20 billion ($27.7 billion), equivalent to 12% of GDP. It did the bulk of its borrowing through long-term bond auctions, resulting in a relatively long average maturity for the national debt. The IMF reckons that next year Ireland must finance the rich world's largest budget deficit as a share of GDP. But it needs to refinance only a modest amount of maturing debt (see chart). In contrast, huge refinancing needs helped drive Greece into the arms of the fund and of its euro-zone peers in May.

Ireland's prudence in debt management has not come cheaply. It costs more to issue long-term than short-term debt. Anthony Linehan of the NTMA notes that a cash cushion entails increased interest charges and a higher debt-to-GDP ratio on the books of Eurostat, the European Union's statistics agency. But "it reassures the market to know Ireland is pre-funded."

The mechanics of how countries borrow receive far less attention than how much they borrow. Sovereign-debt managers in rich countries used to focus on borrowing as cheaply as possible. No longer. Many are now more preoccupied with ensuring uninterrupted access to funds. Some, for example, are reducing short-term borrowing and the associated "rollover risk". America relied heavily on shorter-term Treasury bills to finance a rocketing deficit in 2008. Since then, it has shifted most of its borrowing to long-term bonds. The share of the United States' debt maturing in the next 12 months has dropped from more than 45% in 2008 to barely 30%, an historic low.

A sovereign-debt manager's greatest fear is a failed auction, in which bids fall short of the debt on offer. The actual cash shortfall is usually not that important: the borrower can simply raise the additional money at a later date. But a failed auction can look like a damaging vote of no confidence. In March 2009 an auction of British gilts failed. Though it proved an anomaly, it still rattled stockmarkets and generated unflattering headlines.

Sovereigns usually prefer auctions because they result in lower borrowing costs. Paying fees to a syndicate of banks to market a deal directly to investors is politically unpopular, too. But Britain's auctions have become so large that they entail far more risk for primary dealers, the banks that purchase government securities at auction and then sell them on. That is particularly true for long-term bonds, whose prices are more volatile. Because that increases the risk of failure, last year Britain started supplementing its debt auctions with syndicated deals.

Dealers themselves face more pressure to support the market. Earlier this year America's Federal Reserve notified primary dealers that they would have to bid in auctions for a share of issuance that was in proportion to their size and number. Treasury officials say the guidance formalised existing expectations. But Dino Kos, a former head of markets at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (and now a strategist for Portales Partners, a broker), says the new requirement almost guarantees that an auction will not fail.

Sovereign borrowers are also trying to expand their base of investors. Banks, for example, have habitually treated their governments' debt as risk-free. This has led to potentially dangerous concentrations of sovereign debt. The IMF notes in its latest "Global Financial Stability Report" that some 24% of Japanese banks' assets consist of government bonds. Moreover, Japan borrows inordinately through short-term debt. If banks suddenly lost confidence in government debt, the result could be both a systemic banking crisis and a funding crisis for the Japanese government.

Finance ministers and debt managers are spending more time on the road, in particular courting sovereign-wealth funds in Asia and the Middle East. Sweden's debt manager is exploring the American private-placement market. Inflation-indexed bonds are experiencing a surge in popularity, both from investors worried about inflation and from borrowers who think they attract a different type of buyer. South Korea and Australia have reactivated inflation-indexed bond programmes in the past year, and America will almost double its annual issuance from $58 billion in 2009 to over $100 billion in 2011.

Ultimately, of course, the most careful debt management cannot stop a country's solvency coming into question if its deficits keep rising. But as Ireland is finding, a bit of wiggle-room can be invaluable.

Source: The Economist , A service of YellowBrix, Inc.

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Helping Singles

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Only a few years ago, there used to be different ways for match making. People used to meet in person, mostly through a third party, know each other and marry. The Internet has changed those ways. What used to happen face to face now happens online. The term match making is taking on a whole new meaning. And this is much more easy and convenient.

Most single persons across the world are looking for suitable matches on the Internet. This surely is true for those who have integrated the Internet into their lives and are looking for suitable supposes. This situation has given birth to dating sites and Internet matchmaking services. One can find different Internet dating services, each with their own niches, styles, features, costs and requirements. It is sometime overwhelming to decide which one to select. That is where blackburn singles comes in.

Have a look at – web site dedicated to helping clean and sober people to have clean and sober relationships. Explore it and learn about this clean online dating services and how they can help clean and sober personals. You will find a large number of likeminded recovery couples there. The site is neatly laid out and users friendly. Sign up now and have an enriching experience. Best is that it is totally free. Sign up for free with us now, and start having fun immediately!

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Difference Between Capital Market Line and Security Market Line

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The CML is a line that is used to show the rates of return, which depends on risk-free rates of return and levels of risk for a specific portfolio. SML, which is also called a Characteristic Line, is a graphical representation of the market's risk and return at a given time.

One of the differences between CML and SML is how the risk factors are measured. While standard deviation is the measure of risk for CML, Beta coefficient determines the risk factors of the SML.

The CML measures the risk through standard deviation, or through a total risk factor. On the other hand, the SML measures the risk through beta, which helps to find the security's risk contribution for the portfolio.

While the Capital Market Line graphs define efficient portfolios, the Security Market Line graphs define both efficient and non-efficient portfolios.While calculating the returns, the expected return of the portfolio for CML is shown along the Y- axis. On the contrary, for SML, the return of the securities is shown along the Y-axis. The standard deviation of the portfolio is shown along the X-axis for CML, whereas, the Beta of security is shown along the X-axis for SML.

Where the market portfolio and risk free assets are determined by the CML, all security factors are determined by the SML. Unlike the Capital Market Line, the Security Market Line shows the expected returns of individual assets. The CML determines the risk or return for efficient portfolios, and the SML demonstrates the risk or return for individual stocks.

Well, the Capital Market Line is considered to be superior when measuring the risk factors.

  1. The CML is a line that is used to show the rates of return, which depends on risk-free rates of return and levels of risk for a specific portfolio. SML, which is also called a Characteristic Line, is a graphical representation of the market's risk and return at a given time.
  2. While standard deviation is the measure of risk in CML, Beta coefficient determines the risk factors of the SML.
  3. While the Capital Market Line graphs define efficient portfolios, the Security Market Line graphs define both efficient and non-efficient portfolios.
  4. The Capital Market Line is considered to be superior when measuring the risk factors.
  5. Where the market portfolio and risk free assets are determined by the CML, all security factors are determined by the SML.

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Help Your Health

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We are confronting with number of common diseases in these days. We should not forget about their complications. There are a lot of reasons that affect us. However, there are the treatments which are available in the market and there are numerous ways of self-care options for their treatment. There are number of concerns emerged in the market which are providing treatments of taking care of our ordinary and chronic diseases. However, I personally found healpth com one of the most effective among all.

Have a look at them. They provide reviews and ratings comparison for doctors, hospitals. You can find and check free doctor profiles of over 800,000 doctors in the United States of America. Further, you can ask medical questions and get online answers and help. They provide up-to-date news and latest information about medicine, wellness, health insurance, nutrition, fitness, recipes, and weight-loss and many more.

Visit the neatly laid out site and see what they are offering and how? I personally like the very simple and ordinary way of getting rid of from dandruff which is posted over this site. You can find many more of your relevance. Further, have a look at callsfinder com and fast payday loans.

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Monetary Policy, September 2010 - At A Glance

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Lovely Christmas Cards

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Yes, it is that time again! It is also a time where people rush through crowds in the mall to get the best gifts for the people on your list, and write Christmas Cards. Christmas is coming in the month of December and people are already getting into festive mood. It is in this milieu that I suggest you start exploring Welcome to - the best site for personalised charity christmas cards.

You can choose from an exclusive range of over a 100 Christmas Cards printed on 100% recycled card for Christmas 2010. All supplied with 100% recycled paper envelopes. Better still you can create your own. It's so simple, choose from a wide range of borders and photo clipart, Choose from a wide range of borders and photo clipart, upload your favourite photos on the website. Come back anytime to order or edit your designs. Order 20 to 20,000 photo Christmas cards from as little as 85p each.

They are a friendly, family run printing company and have been producing high quality printing for over 30 years. Explore the neatly laid out site and see what all they are offering and how. Better still, try them and have your Christmas selection for your friends and family. All in the way you want. And from me, have a great Christmas, stuff yourself silly, and have a wonderful New Years.

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Forex and General Upadtes - 01-10-2010

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Forex Updates:
General Updates:

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Concrete Polishing Tools

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There are number of things to be considered while constructing residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Everyone wants to see them in spectacular form and this can only be done if they have used appropriate materials and finishing related products. There are number of concerns which are available to provide services including concrete floor polishing, floor grinders, carpet and floor removal, along with a variety of other related products. However, I personally found Innovatech one of the best among all. Their product line includes the solutions you need to get the job done right the first time. Innovatech has a very good name in providing high quality concrete floor grinder models and other superior designed maintenance machines. They are manufacturing floor grinders, tile removal, concrete polishing tools and other vital pieces of machinery for the professional cleaning, construction and maintenance industries for number of years. 

Some of the main product line they are offering includes I-Shine, The Terminator line, The Predator line and many more. However, I personally like I-Shine which is the most advanced concrete polishing system in the world. These superior pads are meant to work with our Predator line of floor grinders. They deliver ease of use, exceptional speed, value and more. This product line also boasts no diamond glazing and can handle uneven floors with ease. When a serious concrete polisher is needed, the I-Shine line will not disappoint. Visit the neatly laid out site and see what they are offering and how? 

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